guided tour, introduction to the house/installation (in dutch)

videos, 'day 1-12', on try out location forum images, groningen the netherlands

video stills, 'day 1-12'

my house for 7 days
final graduation project masters
np3, groningen the netherlands
july 5-11 2013

The final graduation of my Masters program, I used to say goodbye to all my previous work to make a restart. Sometimes you have to disconnect with the past to have a future. The project started with several performances that I did in the end of 2012 and in the beginning of 2013. Most of them were broadcast live via an online connection to my website. In the old year for example I spent in bed for 24 hours, my mind ran in circles and I ended my relationship. In the new year I burned all the dresses I ever made for a performance or video, cut my hair short and doused my final thesis with Tony's Chocolonely chocolate. Everything had to go. The registrations of the performances are shown at the graduation exhibition in an interactive video installation, in a chronological order from Day 1 till Day 12. The personal videos were only visible and audible, when the visitor gave his personal attention. The videos and written materials ended so personal, that I decided myself to be part of and to live in my work. During the exhibition period in July 2013 I held my door open. People could come in and visit me to drink tea and eat cookies, while taking a look to the various stages of my work and having a conversation.