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1 year research, 2014
1 hour performance, january 2015

The live performance CARROUSEL with videos, speech, clothing and writing was showed on Thursday the 22nd of January 2015 from 17 till 18 hours. It was the presentation of the results of the one-year research project. In January 2014 I won the George Verberg Stipendium and that was the chance to me to make immediately a new start, after my graduation project where I said goodbye to my previous work.
Every season I traveled on my own to Sweden. I visited several times different places including Stockholm, Vaxholm, Vimmerby and Gotland. Locations that have to do with the books and movies about Pippi Longstocking and her creator Astrid Lindgren, to understand better the circumstances in which originated the character.
Pippi is a free spirit and independent young girl. Completely on her own she is discovering the world in self made clothes on a playful way. Her anarchic and feminist attitude seems to be mad, but often loneliness and sadness are hidden behind. It is a character that not directly accepts every situation, because it should be so or everyone else is doing it that way. It calls everything into question and forms its own opinion, idea or interpretation about it. Call this mindset stubborn or naive. Perhaps call this the essence of being an artist.

Four trips, four seasons, four phases within a process, a cycle. The road to go there, is as important as the final destination. In all its fragile simplicity and clumsiness, with a balance between humor and tragedy, desiring for liberation or failure. What is the artist? What does it mean to me? CARROUSEL shows my personal journey towards Pippi Longstocking, or in other words the artist. Pippi as a metaphor for the artist. Pippi as a metaphor for life.