exhibitions at Podium Zuidhaege & scandinavian salatbar 2019

18.5.29 1x 65x65cm Ø50cm

18.7.30 3x 20x20cm

18.9.3 3x 20x20cm

18.9.10 2x 20x20cm

18.9.24 4x 10x10cm

18.10.25 1x 50x50cm

18.10.25 4x 20x20cm

18.10.26 1x 20x20cm & 18.10.28 1x 20x20cm

18.12.10 1x 20x20cm Ø9,7cm

19.1.24 1x 45x45cm Ø30cm & 19.1.29 1x 40x40cm Ø24cm

The drawings are visual representations of a suffering mind. Each circle is a new thought that begins with a simple line, but evolves into an infinite spiralling movement. Overthinking builds up in your mind and grows into a piece without a beginning or end. However, the process of making these drawings is a repeating and meditative method that actually calms the mind. They are modern geometric versions of mandalas.
• black pigment liner pen or roller pen on white paper
• july 2018 - august 2020