video triptych, 2021

Seen from September 10 till October 30, 2022
During the art manifestation CareFull by Art Utrecht at De Zware Jongens, Muntgebouw Utrecht

Text at exhibition:
'An individual with a large cluster of black balloons in a snowy, misty landscape at sunrise. Someone with a smoking head in the middle of a snowy landscape. A person running the same lap over and over on a snowy surface. These images form the triptych OVER DENKEN.
The videos and performances by artist Janine van Veen (1989) are like moving paintings and living sculptures. She does the filming and performing herself in a natural environment using her own body as material. Sometimes you see a single movement repeated endlessly. While at other times, the image actually moves ever so slightly and looks like a photograph.
The three films in OVER DENKEN thematise (over) thinking. The work, shot in the surroundings of the city of Utrecht, shows the recognisable feeling of trying to let go of thoughts with an overloaded head. Poetic in tone, but also with an uninhibited witticism and the requisite humour, Van Veen searches for (mental) freedom in the tragicomedy of over-analysed life.'